Aromatherapy Gift Box

Aromatherapy Gift Box

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This gift box includes 2 diffuser blends, a USB powered aromatherapy diffuser and cuticle oil.








This diffuser is the perfect addition to your home, office or patio. This compact diffuser has multi colored LED lighting and is USB powered. Diffuse essential oils anywhere.








This diffuser features an auto shut off and 1 year manufacturer warranty.








Our essential oil aromatherapy blends are pure essential oils and curated with quality essential oils for optimal health








Our cuticle oil combines Lavender, Myrrh and Pink Grapefruit essential oil with nourishing oils to help strengthen nails, soften cuticles and nourish nail beds for quick growing, healthy nails.








Simply apply and massage onto nails and surrounding area.








These products are all natural.












70$ value




Please name 2 essential oil blends in the comments for your order.